Hellcats & Hip-Hop: Music Video Roundtable With Killer Mike, Funkmaster Flex & Chop Towbin | Billboard Roundtable

Dodge has been a driving force in hip-hop since the genre’s inception. To celebrate hip-hop’s 50th birthday, Billboard’s Deputy Editorial Director Damien Scott sat down with Grammy-nominated rapper Killer Mike, DJ Funkmaster Flex and legendary Dodge Dealer Chop Towbin to watch and review music videos featuring the brand’s signature models. 

Damien Scott:
What up? My name is Damian Scott; I’m the deputy editorial director at Billboard. For the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, Billboard and Dodge linked up to celebrate one of the most iconic, hottest cars to ever roll out.

To do so we’ve linked up with an amazing cast of people, but before we get to them, I think it’s important to highlight how important the brand of Dodge is and has been to hip-hop, how influential the brand has been for over 100 years — it’s set trends and delivered some of the hottest models I think we can all agree has ever has ever graced the streets. It’s only right for us to take a look at how Dodges are being represented right now with the current crop of hip-hop artists, and how it shows up in videos, so we put together a short list of videos for us to go through to get your guys’ feedback on it. The first one we’re going to check out comes from our esteemed Grammy-nominated panelist right here, Killer Mike.

Killer Mike:
Nominated me for three Grammys, hopefully, we get an album of the year so I get to celebrate this song, which was the intro and it’s called “Down by Law,” intro by Rico Wade, the founder of the Douglass Family and it has my favorite car and that cat’s in the back.

Watch the full video above!

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