(G)I-DLE, P1Harmony, Doechii, Flavor Flav & More Share Their Favorite Things About the Holidays | Billboard

(G)I-DLE, P1Harmony, Doechii, Flavor Flav and more share their favorite things about the holidays and more on the 2023 Jingle Ball red carpet.

Rania Aniftos:
Happy holidays.

Happy holidays.

Rania Aniftos:
So do you have any exciting plans coming up?

Yeah, going home for the holidays back to Seattle. Gonna see family and friends. I always go home and play a pickup football game with my hometown friends. It’s always a highlight.

Rania Aniftos:
Do you guys have any holiday plans coming up? I mean, we’re at Jingle Ball, after all?

Intak from P1Harmony:
I want to … I want to get some new Lego.

Rania Aniftos:
That’s good one.

Intak from P1Harmony:
Yeah, kinda like Christmas vibes. I want to get some, like, kind of Disney Legos. Something like Mickey Mouse or something.

Rania Aniftos:
Oh, that’s cute. I love that. I love that.

Paul Russell:
I’m going back home to Texas for a little bit, which will be fun. No, I’m pumped about it.

Jack Met of AJR:
We don’t do gifts for each other but … maybe this year we’re gonna finally start. What do you think?

Ryan Met of AJR:
A bidet.

Jack Met of AJR.
I want that so bad. Warm water. I can’t do cold water.

Jongseob from P1Harmony:
I want to spend more free time with my members, just traveling or anything is good.

Teddy Swims:
We throw this Kegmas show, it’s my tenth year of doling itm, and you know, I get to go home, see my family, and you know, just load up on food, and it takes … take some time off. Spend a couple of days alone in my room, just locked away.

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