Former Syracuse City Ballet dancers explain why they decided to create their holiday show

TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — After several professional dancers were fired by Syracuse City Ballet for going on strike, those former dancers have now decided to turn an unfortunate event into something great.

The group of former Syracuse City Ballet dancers are getting back on their feet and have created a holiday show after they went on strike for several reasons, including unsafe working conditions.

“A lot of the discussions we’ve been having have been about inclusion and making sure every voice that wants to be heard is heard,” said Lucy Hamilton, former Syracuse City Ballet dancer.

That voice is loud and clear because these dancers aren’t going anywhere. They’re just getting started.

“I feel like the possibilities are endless for what we are going to be able to do here in Syracuse with the arts community,” said Hamilton.

These six men and women are now turning possibility into reality, bringing their talent to the stage at the Palace Theatre in Syracuse where they’ll be putting on their holiday show, “A Celebration of the Season.” It’s something Hamilton says started as just an idea.

“It’s a need to dance and a need to share and perform and everyone who has been reaching out has asked us so we thought yeah, why not, let’s try to do it,” said Hamilton.

And they are on Tuesday, December 19. The show will have scenes from the Nutcracker and other holiday classics including, Carol of the Bells and It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Local young artists and professional dancers will also be part of the show.

“We’re so excited just being in the studio. It’s just like, this is it. This is what we wanted to do. It’s going to be a great energy,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton says they couldn’t have done it without the support they received locally and even across the world. But most importantly without each other.

“It is such an incredible group of people who are pulling together now and I feel like we can do anything,” said Hamilton.

Because the possibilities are endless!

A Celebration of the Season is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Palace Theatre located at 2384 James Street in Syracuse.

The dancers say they have already sold about half the total tickets in the first 24 hours since announcing first announcing the holiday performance.

A select amount of seats have been reserved for community members on SNAP or WIC can be requested by emailing – Other members in the community can also send an email to if they would like to sponsor a ticket for a community member in need.

Tickets cost $30.00

Click here for more details.

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