Famous Football Fans: Musicians Stuntin’ on the Sidelines

Music and sports are some of the world’s biggest industries. The two have long had a symbiotic relationship, especially in the United States, where everything is bigger and, well, louder – and doubly so where American football is concerned.  

What would Sunday Night Football be, for instance, without its famous theme song? What would players do without their hype tracks, or halftime shows without live music? Music is an essential part of football season.  Plus, some of the biggest artists in the world often perform in the exact stadiums where teams kick off. 

But the mutual love between football and music goes beyond the macro scale. Musicians, at the end of the day, are just like anyone else. Many of them are just as much a hardcore NFL fan as the next American, with a passion for their home team that runs almost as deep as their love for their craft.  

That’s why it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see famous musicians turn up at pro and college football games. The Super Bowl is an unofficial yearly gathering of some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including singers, songwriters and rappers – and not just the ones performing the national anthem or at the annual Super Bowl Halftime Show concert. And the spotlight is always just as much on Taylor Swift watching games from her seat in Arrowhead Stadium as it is on Travis Kelce playing on the field whenever the pop star attends a Kansas City Chiefs game, she and the tight end having struck up an all-American romance in 2023.  

Everyone from Justin Bieber to Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus to Jon Bon Jovi has cropped up on the sidelines to enjoy some good old-fashioned football over the years. Keep scrolling to see photos of various musicians on the sidelines below. 

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