CNYSPCA looking for man who dumped his dog at neighboring business

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The CNYSPCA is asking the public to help identify a man who dumped his dog at a business next door to the shelter.

The man originally stopped at the shelter to turn in his dog, but when he was asked for some information, he left and abandoned the dog at a neighboring business.

“Understanding that the man needed to find a home for the animal, we were going to take it in, and we asked him for some basic information – he said that he had to check on his ride and left,” said Troy Waffner, director of CNYSPCA. “A few minutes later we got a call from a neighboring business who said they had watched a person just dump her – animal abandonment is a crime, and I am just hoping someone can tell us who this is so that we can arrest him.”

Anyone with information can call the CNYSPCA at 315-454-4479 or email them at

Photos of the man can be seen below:

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