Alaska’s ‘DRAG: The Musical’ Is Returning to Hollywood This Spring

After making waves in 2022 with a cameo-filled album and award-winning staging, DRAG: The Musical is ready to run full steam ahead — wearing a pair of stilettos, mind you — into 2024.

On Wednesday (Dec. 13), it was revealed that the show — which was co-written by RuPaul’s Drag Race alumna Alaska — would return for a limited run of performances at The Bourbon Room in Hollywood during spring 2024. Beginning March 15, the show will run for two weeks before making a transfer to New York City for its fall 2024 run.


“Every day someone asks me, ‘When is DRAG: The Musical coming back to the Bourbon Room?’” Alaska said in a statement. “I finally have an answer for them and I can’t wait. I’m honored and excited to bring this musical that I love so dearly back to life, this time in LA.”

The new set of dates will feature a star-studded cast of performers, including Alaska, Nick Adams, Jujubee, Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, Nick Laughlin and more, with additional cast members set to be announced in January.

The musical tells the story of two rival drag bars who, thanks to gentrification and rising costs, are forced to compete against each other for survival. Speaking to Billboard in 2022, Alaska said that her goal in working with co-writer Tomas Costanza was to capture the gritty, grungy reality of what it means to be a drag performer working in the local scene.

“It’s not just about sequins and sparkly things. You can get very down and dirty with drag,” she said. “It was the sort of shows happening at The Stud in San Francisco, or the Blue Moon in Pittsburgh, where everything was kind of covered in beer a little bit, every surface. But you were able to bring to life something from your imagination in that space where everything’s a little loose.”

Get your tickets to DRAG: The Musical‘s March 2024 here, and check out the trailer for the limited run below.

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