A Timeline of Taylor Swift’s Generosity

Taylor Swift is one of the world’s richest and most powerful women, crossing over into billionaire territory in 2023 thanks to her blockbuster Eras Tour and record-selling Taylor’s Version releases. In fact, Billboard estimated earlier this month that Swift earned nearly $2 billion this year through her music, tour and accompanying tour film and merch — before even accounting for additional revenue from things like synchs and sponsorships.

Now, the “Anti-Hero” singer definitely puts her hard-earned wealth to personal use. She’s spent hundreds of millions of dollars on properties in New York City, California, Nashville, Rhode Island and more. She frequently travels via private jet, reportedly owning not just one, but two Dassault Falcon aircrafts. And her much-studied sense of style is aided by pricey, oftentimes designer pieces.

But luckily for those who have crossed her path, Swift has also long been generous with her riches. Through the years, the pop superstar has supported various causes, donated to charities and struggling individuals alike, and showered her fans with lavish presents in a 2014 gift-giving extravaganza known by her fandom as “Swiftmas.”

She’s also been known to be generous with her time, whether it’s meeting fans after almost every show of her pre-Eras tours completely free of charge, or making surprise appearances at unsuspecting Swifties’ weddings, bridal showers or engagement parties. There have also been times where fans have opened their front doors to find the musician waiting outside, as well as days spent dropping in to cheer up patients at hospitals.

Keep reading to see some of Swift’s most notable acts of generosity below:

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