‘A big game weekend’: P!nk concert predicted to bring over $15M to Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Sunday, Oct. 6, 2024, will be a day many may want to mark on their calendars.

With P!nk coming to the JMA Wireless Dome, the city of Syracuse is expected to be a tourist hot spot.

“Fall weekends are busy as it is, but to add an additional day like a Sunday on the tail end of it, really makes for almost a big game weekend for our local businesses because they’re going to get a pretty good weekend,” said Visit Syracuse president & CEO Danny Liedka. “They are going to get a pretty good impact Friday and Saturday and that first weekend in October is peak time.”

The concert already shaping up to be the largest one held at the dome since Paul McCartney last year.

So, could this be the busiest Syracuse has been in two years?

“If there is a football game at home that weekend, yeah, it very well could be. I know the schedule hasn’t been firmed up for next year yet but if that’s a home football game or a special event for Syracuse University whether it’s parent’s weekend or family weekend or homecoming it has that potential,” Liedka said. “Those dates have not been established yet, but it has the potential to be the perfect storm.”

If you’re a local, you may just have to worry about getting your tickets on time Monday.

Liedka shared some advice for those coming from out of town.

“I would say you only have a few hours to book a room at this point. The word gets out pretty quick and those hotel rooms sell out very fast,” he said. “The county executive has mentioned quite a few times we do have a shortage here in this county and we could use a few more rooms. Roughly, 9,000 rooms in Onondaga County, they’ll go very, very fast.

Liedka predicts an economic boom of $15-18 million for the weekend.

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