Wisin Plays ‘This or That’ | Billboard

Wisin plays This or That with Billboard backstage at Billboard’s Latin Music Week 2023.


What’s up, my beautiful people? W here, and I’m gonna be playing “This or That” with Billboard’s beautiful people.


So don’t miss it!

Horchata or Agua Fresca?


Agua fresca.

Dance Bachata or Merengue?


I’m gonna get in trouble here! I’m a great dancer, so both. I’m joking! I really like Merengue. Let me tell you the other day I went to see Toño Rosario in Puerto Rico and, people we’re looking at me like: “What are you doing here?” I love Merengue and how it sounds live. So, Merengue.

Tacos Al Pastor or Tacos Pollo?


Chicken Tacos.

Baseball or Soccer?


Baseball. Yeah we Puerto Ricans are more about Baseball. I like the St. Louis Cardinals in the major leagues.

Spicy or non-spicy food?


Not spicy.

Empanadas or Tacos


Empanada. Any kind, as long as it’s tasty I’ll try them. I’ll try them, but I do like Empanadas more.

Salsa verde or Salsa rojo


You know what, I like both. I like both but it depends on the occasion and where I am.

Mariachis or Vallenatos?


I like Vallenato a lot and, Mariachi too, I love both.

Tequila or Mezcal?


I like Tequila better. I like Tequila, everytime I go to Mexico, I have some Tequila to clean the system!

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