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Rising pop star Tate McRae reveals all about her biggest career hits to date and reacts to seeing them appear on the Billboard charts, shares how artists like Noah Kahan, Rosalía, and Post Malone inspire her, talks about how excited she is for the Billboard Music Awards, how she went from aspiring dancer to rising pop star and more.

Tate McRae
When Billboard on Instagram posts that top 10 picture and to see like my name beside like Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny is just like so next level. Yeah it feels very surreal what’s happening right now.

Tate McRae
Hey, my name is Tate McRae and today we’re gonna be climbing the charts, looking at how my music is charted and also my idols, how they’ve charted. I remember the day I was on a walk with my mom. And I remember I was like, oh my god, I’m No. 1 on like the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. And I was like, this is the biggest day of my life. When “You Broke Me First” hit 17 it’s pretty wild, because I feel like I’ve just been watching my favorite artists of all time on that chart. And I think at first, I didn’t realize the capacity of what “You Broke Me First” had done until I actually like got to L.A. and realized that it had, you know, gotten to a specific spot and gotten that big. When I wrote “You Broke Me First” I was 16. I was like, I have put this song out. I really want to the first time I’d like film, my first ever like legit music video was with my friend. Like back in Calgary, on Video Star on my phone, it’s only two passes of the entire music video. It’s so crazy. It has like so many views now. And it’s so strange to just look back and see that it was literally made on an iPhone.

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