See Cardi B, Offset, ENHYPEN, Lance Bass & More Star in ‘Baby Shark’ Movie Trailer

Cardi B, Offset, Lance Bass and ENHYPEN are all tagging along for Baby Shark’s “major ocean picture” debut.


As seen in the new trailer for Baby Shark’s Big Movie, which arrived Tuesday (Nov. 14) the three stars and K-pop boy band — plus Cardi and Offset’s kids, Kulture and Wave — will all play their aquatic alter-egos in the animated children’s film arriving Dec. 8 on on Nickelodeon and Paramount+. The project marks the very first feature-length endeavor for Baby Shark, the hit preschool TV program best known for its viral earworm of the same name, which charted in the Billboard Hot 100 top 40 in 2019.

The fishy flick will find Cardi and Offset reprising their roles from Baby Shark Big Show!, Sharki B and Offshark, while the rap power couple’s two kids will voice Kulture Sharki and Wavey Shark. The family has been all aboard the “Baby Shark” train since the beginning, starting with Cardi posting an Instagram video in January 2019 of her doing a runway walk around a pool to the “Baby Shark” song.

“Good luck!” says Offset’s character toward the end of the two-minute trailer, with Cardi’s Sharki B telling Baby Shark: “You got this!”


The film will follow Baby Shark, voiced by Kimiko Glenn, as he works to save his best friend William, played by Luke Youngblood, from Ashley Tisdale’s Stariana, a jealous pop superstar who plots to steal Baby Shark’s special song for herself. Along the way, he encounters a boy band of belugas voiced by the seven members of ENHYPEN — Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki — as well as a TV announcer named Lance Bass, played by… you guessed it, Lance Bass.

Watch the new Baby Shark movie trailer above.

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