Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Kim Petras, 070 Shake, Dove Cameron & More

As you peruse through this year’s Grammy nominations, why not listen to some top-tier new tracks from your favorite queer artists?. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.

From Kim Petras’ new collaboration with David Guetta to 070 Shake’s hypnotic new song, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

David Guetta & Kim Petras, “When We Were Young (The Logical Song)”

When you combine a legendary French DJ, a German-born pop princess and a British rock group, you get something pretty magical in return. With “When We Were Young (The Logical Song),” Kim Petras teams up with production superstar David Guetta to put their own twist on a Supertramp sample, making for a chaotic joyride through the pair’s shared Eurodance DNA. Pulsing with house pianos and a relentless German techno beat, Guetta’s electronic flourishes fit perfectly with Petras’ powerhouse vocal as they look back on the good old days.

070 Shake feat. Ken Carson, “Natural Habitat”

Among her many talents as an artist, 070 Shake’s ability to create a sonic universe in the span of less than four minutes has always reigned supreme. Yet on her latest single “Natural Habitat” featuring Ken Carson, Shake shows just how good she is worldbuilding. Over the course of this hypnotic, deeply chaotic new track, the rising star immediately employs disorienting distortions to throw listeners off balance as she spins a story about feeling stuck inside a lover’s head. With a fiery verse from Carson and some top-tier songwriting, Shake perfectly encapsulates her song’s delirious message in this mystifying new track.

Dove Cameron, “Sand”

With her latest single, Dove Cameron asks a nearly-philosophical question of her listeners from the outset; “What’s worse — being wanted but not loved, or loved but not wanted?” For the duration of “Sand,” the pop singer-songwriter’s latest track off her forthcoming album Alchemical: Volume 1, Cameron examines the end of her relationship with omniscient clarity, declaring that their romance was doomed from the beginning because “you couldn’t love the way I can.” The swelling, orchestral accompaniment is only further punctuated by the singer’s vocoder-assisted chorus, making “Sand” an entrancing piece of heartbreak that’s as fragile as its namesake.

Sleater-Kinney, “Say It Like You Mean It”

There is a quiet fury to Corin Tucker’s voice on “Say It Like You Mean It” when she tells her lover, “I need to hear it before you go.” That underlying frustration permeates Sleater-Kinney’s new song, as Tucker and Brownstein pay tribute to the messy, bitter, infuriating ending of a passionate love affair. With a droning riff diffusing the background of the song, the pair go to work deconstructing both their sound and their own emotions on this thrilling, heartbreaking new song.

Aurora, “Your Blood”

Best known for her haunting, ethereal voice, Norwegian pop star Aurora is ready to give that voice something important to say. On “Your Blood,” Aurora pushes aside the nihilism that tends to weave its way through modern conversation to embrace empathy and compassion, singing to a friend to share their burden with her. Accompanying that weighty goal is a truly undeniable pop banger, fueled by sparkling synths and cheerful guitars, accentuating her missive of hope with a glittering pop spectacle.

Peach PRC, “Like a Girl Does”

Australian pop sensation Peach PRC is not known for her subtlety — and on “Like a Girl Does,” she raises her curt songwriting to a new level. The glitching new track sees the singer once again lambasting silly boys in her music, but this time bringing the Sapphic themes explored throughout her discography right up to the forefront as she proudly declares that a man who tries to “change your mind with his d–k” simply couldn’t “love like a girl does.” The playful, catchy melody immediately worms is way into your ear, and within moments, you’ll find yourself throwing your middle finger up at the nearest f–kboy.

Laura Jane Grace, “Hole in My Head”

After a mind-numbing week of work, sometimes you just need some catharsis — luckily, Against Me star Laura Jane Grace is here to deliver you the goods. On the short-but-oh-so-sweet “Hole in My Head,” the rocker plugs into a fuzzy punk sensibility to celebrate the mood-shifting beauty of a good rock song. Sure, Grace argues, you could try and numb the monotony and the pain of your day to day life — but “that would be a real bore.” Instead, press play on this song and let all that pent-up rage out for a minute and a half.

Check out all of our picks on Billboard’s Queer Jams of the Week playlist below:

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