Peso Pluma on the Meaning Behind His Name, Success of ‘Ella Baila Sola’ & More | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Peso Pluma explains the meaning behind his artist name, what it means for him to be on the Billboard charts, the worldwide success of “Ella Baila Sola” and more as part of the 2023 Billboard Music Awards Presented by Marriott Bonvoy.


Peso Pluma

What does charting on the Billboard charts mean for you and your career?

Peso Pluma
It’s amazing it’s just a dream come true and just having the name of Peso Pluma as a group there and representing Mexico wherever we go, it’s a good thing just to be proud you know.

What did you stream most this year?

Peso Plus
I guess Drake.

Why the name Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma
Because we were all skinny when we began and we were playing on a private party, and we we met Marco Antonio Barrera, which he was champion in that in that way. At his time, and we knew from that moment it was it was destiny. We have to we just have to go by that name.

What is your earliest memory with boxing?

Peso Pluma
Going to Canelo’s fight in Guadalajara. That was a pretty good moment.

What does it mean to you having Mike Tyson here?

Peso Pluma
It’s amazing. It’s it’s another dream come true. I’ve been watching him all my life and he’s an inspiration and a motivation for me to keep going and to do whatever I like you know?

Do you have a name for your hairstyle?

Peso Pluma
Uh know the Peso Pluma cut.

When did you realize you were a global sensation?

Peso Pluma
When uh, yeah, “Ella Baila Sola” became so global. I think it was just an hour before and enacted, when I start seeing that, that my music was playing in this whole different countries like China and Japan everywhere. Places where they don’t even speak Spanish, you know? And it’s real cool. Just to, to hear people that doesn’t know a Spanish that doesn’t know the lyrics just they, they liked the music and that’s magic of music.

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