Moises and HYPERREAL to Create AI Digital Identities for Artists

Moises, an AI music and audio start-up, has partnered with HYPERREAL, a visual effects company, to create a “proprietary digital human asset” called Hypermodel. This will allow artists to create their digital versions of themselves for marketing, creative and fan engagement purposes.

HYPERREAL has already been collaborating with musicians since 2021, when he worked with Paul McCartney and Beck on their music video for “Find My Way.” In the video, Beck went undercover as a younger version of 81-year-old McCartney, using HYPERREAL to swap and de-age their faces.

Moises is a popular AI music and audio company that provides a suite of tools for musicians, including stem separation, lyric transcription, and voice synthesis.


According to the press release, Moises and HYPERREAL believe this collaboration will especially help the estates of legacy artists to bring the artist’s legacy “to life” and will allow artists to sing or speak in another language using AI voice modeling provided by Moises, helping to localize songs and marketing content to specific regions.

Translations and estate or legacy artist marketing are seen as two of the most sought after new applications of AI for musicians. Last week, pop artist Lauv collaborated with AI voice start-up Hooky to translate his song “Love U Like That” into Korean as a thank you to his steadfast fanbase in the region. This is not the first time AI has been used to translate an artist’s voice — it was first employed in May by MIDNATT, a Korean artist who used the HYBE-owned voice synthesis company Supertone to translate his debut single into six languages — but Lauv’s use of the technology was the first popular Western artist to try it.

Estates are starting to leverage AI as well to essentially bring a late artist back to life. On Tuesday, Nov 14, Warner Music announced plans to use AI to recreate the voice and image of legendary “La Vie En Rose” singer, Edith Piaf, for an upcoming biopic about her life and career. Over in Korea, Supertone remade the voice of late South Korean folk artist Kim Kwang-seok, and Tencent’s Lingyin Engine made headlines for developing “synthetic voices in memory of legendary artists,” like Teresa Teng and Anita Mui as a way to revive interest in their catalogs.


“Moises and HYPERREAL are each best-in-class players with a history of pushing creative boundaries enabled by technology while fully respecting the choices of artists and rights holders,” says Moises CEO Geraldo Ramos. “As their preferred partner, we’re looking forward to seeing the ways HYPERREAL, can leverage Moises’s voice modeling capabilities to add incredibly realistic voices to their productions.”

“We have set the industry standard and exceeded the expectations of the most demanding directors and producers time and time again,” says Remington Scott, founder and CEO of HYPERREAL. “In addition to Moises’s artist-first approach, the quality of their voice models is the best we’ve heard.”

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