Meet the Capdeville quads at Syracuse University

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The chance of having quadruplets can be as low as about one in about 700,000. The odds of all four going to the same college might be even smaller, but not impossible.

Quadruplets Donovan, Gabriel, Savanna, and Douglas Capdeville are finishing their senior year at Syracuse University right now.

Courtesy: Syracuse University

They didn’t plan to stick together in college, but life led them all here. When you hear their story, you might say it was meant to be.

Their dad and uncle both got their degrees from Syracuse University and they grew up wearing and watching the orange.

So, when it was time to leave the nest, the Capdeville quads flew from sandy beaches in St. Croix to snowy Syracuse.

“When we came here it was our first time ever seeing snow and I was going outside in slides because I didn’t really know anything else,” said Gabriel.

It was an adjustment they made together, and they’ve had a lot of firsts since then.

“We have our own friends and stuff but you always, you have them to lean back on and fall back on,” said Gabriel.

They all have different majors — industrial and interaction design, economics, policy studies and sociology, and communications and rhetorical studies.

Even with their different interests, they find ways to stick to the same syllabus.

Savanna and Douglas take a cooking studies class together and the boys all live together, even study together.

It’s not how they imagined their college career, but now, they can’t picture it any other way.

When asked how they would describe their experience, the words they used share similar sentiments.

“I would definitely say blessed because like we get to see each other every day,” said Gabriel.

“I’ll say lucky. I think it’s a really rare experience to come with all of your siblings and then also be as close as we are,” Savanna said.

“I would go fun. These guys are my best friends and I have a lot of fun with them and I wouldn’t wanna spend time with anyone else,” said Douglas.

“It’s kind of like we never left home,” Donovan said.

When they graduate, they may not walk the next road together. But near or far, their bond will always be unbreakable.

“We’re definitely always gonna be seeing each other and keeping in touch,” said Donovan.

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