Marshmello’s 5 Favorite Latin Things | Billboard

Marshmello tells Billboard all about his five favorite Latin things.

Yo, what’s up? This is Marshmello, and here are five of my favorite Latin things.

My favorite Latin word I actually learned from working with Manuel. The word is “chimba.” And chimba means like, “that’s fire” or like, they use it a lot in the studio like, you know, “that’s sick,” “that’s fire” and I love it so I was always saying throughout the camp.

My favorite Latin dish would have to be paella. It is incredible and I love it.

My favorite Latin vacation — it was half vacation, half in the studio — was the Dominican Republic with Tokischa, that was really crazy and fun.

I would say my favorite Latin song would be “El Merengue” by Manuel Turizo, and this guy named Marshmello.

I would say my favorite Latin athlete, legend, who will forever be a legend is Messi.

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