Latto Shares Her Favorite Places to Perform, Talks Working on Her Album & More | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Latto shares her favorite places to perform, what she’s working on with her new album, where she gets her inspiration from, her favorite part of performing and more at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards Presented by Marriott Bonvoy.

How did it feel when your first song charted on the Billboard charts?

I feel so, so fulfilled. I feel, I’m feeling the love and the support. Baby, I will stand on top of the world you couldn’t tell me nothing and I think I ended like 98 — like something like barely making it. Baby I felt like I was No. 1 and now I did actually get the No. 1.

What is your favorite place to travel to and perform?

I went to Europe this past summer for the first time and they love just different over there. They don’t even, they might not even know the song, but they turned up. They just show love. Poland, Poland was turnt and Denmark. They were like the top two.
Where do you draw inspiration from?

The beat is the inspiration or like maybe something I went through like losing a friend, breaking up with a man, something that I’m going through or that like maybe somebody close to me is going through, something that’s just like on my mind kind of already when I go to the studio. Or the beat might just evoke an emotion.

What’s your favorite part about performing?

The fans energy kind of like turn me up. Performing is my favorite part about all this, at the end of the day feeling they, they energy kind of turn me up make me feel myself. It gas me up, yeah.

Anything in store to tease to the fans?

I’m working on my album. Day in day out so that’s gonna be huge, bigger visuals more collabs stay tuned.

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