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Country band Lady A talks about their single “Love You Back,” unique request line tour, 15-year career longevity, the recent surge in country music popularity, Charles opens up about being one year sober, and more.

Can I have your attention please?

Stephen Daw
Of course they do it on a Monday. It works, gang, you did it. Good job.

Charles Kelley
How’s it going, everybody? This is Lady A.

Hillary Scott
And you’re watching Billboard News.

Stephen Daw
I’m very, very stoked about the new single. It’s so, so cool. Tell me a little bit about what went into writing this.

Hillary Scott
Well, this one, it’s actually a really cool story. So, you know, we write 80% of our own music. And then we learned early on in our career that you never say no to a great song, whether we write it or not. And so this was one that a really good friend of ours and co-writer, her name is Emily Weisband, sent this song to Charles.

Charles Kelly
So I called her up and I said, Hey, let’s find an hour, I want to come over. You play Hillary, I’ll play me. And let’s see if this fits before I even send to them. For sure. Just sometimes I just like to save some time and just see if something is even in the realm of our world. And it just felt so much like us. And the minute I sent it to the gang, they were like, “Oh, wow”. I mean, we’ve had a handful of songs like — most of the music from us, we’ve written like “Need You Now,” “Run to You” — but “American Honey” was one that we didn’t write. Sometimes you get songs that you feel. You’re like, y’all wrote this for us?

Hillary Scott
And that’s what it felt like, yeah.

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