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Jung Kook teases his new track “Standing Next to You” and is set to make his solo ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ debut on November 6th. K-pop girl group STAYC gives us an inside look at a day in their lives. In this week’s episode of Billboard Explains, we take a deep dive into how the BBMAs are being reimagined with a new concept, what makes the BBMAs different from other awards shows, how the awards show is being revamped and how fans can get involved. And more!

Tetris Kelly:
Jung Kook’s got a lot going on ahead of his first solo album. STAYC takes Billboard on tour with them. We’re breaking down the new Billboard Music Awards format. It’s the battle between Blueface’s baby mamas on the TikTok Billboard Top 50. And we played this with that with Wisin.

Welcome back to Billboard News. I’m Tetris Kelly. It’s Thursday, November 2nd and Jung Kook is a very busy boy. Jung Kook’s ‘Golden’ album is almost here. He dropped a new teaser and we have info on his solo journey to late night. Let’s talk all things JK.

Oh my God, I cannot wait. BTS’ youngest member shines in the teaser video for new single “Standing Next to You.” I mean, the Michael Jackson inspiration looks like it will be an iconic visual. The album is out tomorrow, November 3rd. He’ll be promoting the project on his solo ‘Tonight Show’ debut on Monday November 6th as a guest and performer. Jimmy Fallon took to the official ‘Tonight Show’ Instagram to reveal the announcement.

Jimmy Fallon:
Jung Kook!

Jung Kook:
See you soon.

Jimmy Fallon:
Can’t wait for next week! Monday, Monday, Monday…

Tetris Kelly:
K-pop girl group STAYC was just in Los Angeles for their first world tour and took Billboard behind the scenes.

Isa of STAYC:
Hey, Billboard! We are STAYC and this is a day in the life on the Teen Fresh world tour in Los Angeles.

Watch the full video above!

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