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KATSEYE is set to release its debut album in 2024.

Rania Aniftos:
After weeks of auditions, HYBE and Geffen Records have unveiled the final six members of their new global girl group. Plus, Tetris caught up with them after the big moment.

Tetris Kelly:
Give it up for your new global girl group KATSEYE.

Rania Aniftos:
We all watched The Debut: Dream Academy over the past couple of months as finalists from all over the world competed to be part of HYBE and Geffen’s new girl group. All six members of the new group called KATSEYE were unveiled during the live finale hosted by our own Tetris Kelly, and included girls from South Korea, Switzerland, the United States and more. Tetris caught up with KATSEYE after the exciting finale, and here’s their reaction.

I am feeling absolutely, like, filled with gratitude. I cannot wait, like, I’m so optimistic to debut with all of these amazing girls. I don’t know, I’m just filled with gratitude right now and I’m just super super excited.

Rania Aniftos:
And what do they think of their new name?

Honestly, this name is fierce, like, I freaking love it and I think it fits us perfectly, our vibes and what we want to tell the world with our music, and I can’t wait to make music with these girls. But yeah, the name I love it.

Rania Aniftos:
KATSEYE will now get to work on their forthcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in 2024. Plus, the process of creating the girl group will be featured in an upcoming Netflix documentary series also set to premiere in the summer of 2024. Congrats to all the winners, and make sure you stay tuned for our full interview with KATSEYE coming soon.

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