Here’s Why Taylor Swift Loves ‘Legendary Empath’ Dolly Parton

Taylor Swift will always love Dolly Parton. In a new Hollywood Reporter profile on the 77-year-old country music legend, Swift was candid about all the reasons she admires Parton, who’s gearing up to release her first ever rock album — Rockstar — later this month.


“Dolly is a force of evolution and transformation in our industry, but she does it with such playful levity it almost looks effortless,” the pop star told the publication. “Her sense of humor and mischief are easily my favorite things about her, because I think it forces the world to reconcile that a woman can be a serious artist and writer who also has raucous fun with it, can make people laugh and be in on every joke.”

“She’s never stopped challenging herself to clear new hurdles and explore new territory artistically, and I think that speaks to her great curiosity about the human condition,” added Swift. “She’s a legendary empath and the storyteller for the ages. She’s also having the most fun doing it.”

The interview comes almost exactly a year after Parton was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, an honor she was initially hesitant to accept because of her lack of experience in the rock genre. After her induction, the “Jolene” singer went on to craft Rockstar, a 30-track collection of originals and rock classics featuring guests such as Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, Pink and more.

Swift’s love for Parton is mutual. Last year, after the 33-year-old “Anti-Hero” musician butted heads with Damon Albarn over his claim that she doesn’t write her own songs, Parton insisted that Swift is “a great writer — with or without anybody.” “I think she’s done great,” she said of Swift in an interview at the time. “She knows who she is and what she wants. And I’m the same way. I’m going to fight if it goes against what I feel is not right for me.”

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