Fuerza Regida Talks Being Pioneers in Its Genre, Writing & More | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Fuerza Regida talks about winning the Billboard Music Awards for top duo/group, top Latin duo/group Award, finding inspiration while traveling, being pioneers in their genre and more! The 2023 Billboard Music Awards are presented by Marriott Bonvoy.

How does it feel to win two Billboard Music Awards?

Fuerza Regida:
To win two of these bad boys, Billboard Music Awards, feels like a great accomplishment because it’s the Mexican music breaking the barriers. Feels amazing, feels great.

How does it feel being pioneers in your genre?

Fuerza Regida:
Being pioneers in this genre feels, I feel like we’re honored because we’re part of creating this history, being the first generation of Mexican music, to break the barriers and go global. We feel honored.

What is your favorite place to perform?

Fuerza Regida:
Our favorite place to perform — being in front of someone that knows the song, yelling is a good sound. That’s the favorite place for me.

How does traveling inspire your music?

Fuerza Regida:
Traveling all over the U.S. and Mexico inspires our music in a lot of ways because we go to different cultures and write about different stuff we see, you know. I just feel like the more you travel, the more you see new things, the more your brain expands to talk about new, other things. We are going global, gracias a Dios, and we are the hottest group out there. Fuerza Regida. Otro peo.

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