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Colombian legacy artist, Fonseca talks about his multi-decade career, finding his balance and joy and continuing to serve fans through his music, presented by Michelob ULTRA


My name is Juan Fernando Fonseca. Since I was born and since I arrived to this world music and singing have always been an essential part of my life. In the most natural and naive way, you could say, I was watching television and I had the guitar next to me. I already knew some chords. And I started just playing whatever and a melody started arriving and there is when I wrote the lyrics to a song called “The Television”. 

The lyrics were about what I was seeing on TV in that moment. I was watching the news and well, it was a difficult time in Colombia so the news was not the kindest and the song talks about that too. I’ve always thought that that moment in particular writing “The Television” was a decisive moment in my life. I had this sudden motivation where I said, “I want to make a CD.” So I made a budget and presented it to my parents and they supported me. I recorded that first album on tape. I made 500 copies. I literally sold them from house to house. That CD lead me to signing with a Venezuelan record company where I started my professional career. I was driving one day in Bogotá and I heard “Te Mando Flores” for the first time on the radio. And when I heard it for the first time on the radio was when I connected and said, ‘this is a big song’. I felt something very special and from then on my life changed.   

That balance is very important. The balance of work, family, health. Physical health. It’s very important. I think one understands it more and more. Every concert is also like a two-hour training session. So yeah, I try to balance it all so that everything functions well.  

I’m in a very nice place personally, let’s say, because as a result of this song “Si Tú Me Quieres” with Juan Luis Guerra, I have found a new sonic path that I want to continue on for a while.

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