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Feid tells us all about his five favorite Latin things backstage at Billboard’s Latin Music Week 2023.

Hi Mor, I am Feid and these are my 5 favorite Latin things.

My favorite Latin word is “Qué chimba.”

My favorite Latin dish is the Bandeja Paisa, obviously Mor.

My favorite Latin vacation… this is going to sound funny but for me, at this point in my life going on vacation is going to Medellín. In this moment of my life, my favorite Latin vacation would be going to Medellín to party, go to the club, drive around, to have a really good time.

My favorite Latin song… that question is really hard. I have a lot of genres, but I would choose… I like Eddie Santiago’s salsa a lot. I would choose “Tú Con Él” or “Lluvia.” I like it, I love it.

My favorite Latin athlete, I really like Rigoberto Urán. We’re good friends, besides that, he has worked hard for what he’s got. He’s a cyclist. He is foul-mouthed and has very funny slang but we click a lot when we talk on social media, when we see each other. I think he represents well what being a crazy Colombian is and hardworking in life.

Watch the video above!

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