Do City Girls’ Yung Miami & JT Go On Double Dates Together With Diddy & Lil Uzi Vert?

City Girls‘ JT and Yung Miami are in high-profile relationships of their own — JT with Lil Uzi Vert and Miami with Diddy — so do they ever get together for double dates? The answer just might surprise fans, the girls revealed in the latest episode of Billboard News.

According to JT, planning a meet-up together with their men has never happened. “I don’t even think we think like that,” JT laughed to Billboard News host Catrise J. “Like ‘Y’all wanna go on a double date?’ Like, no. It probably will happen now since you said it!”


While the “Act Up” rappers didn’t have any juicy double-date details to share, Yung Miami did offer up some helpful advice for fans looking to land a man like Diddy, nothing that people initially did not think she was his type when rumors of their relationship started swirling.

“I think that you just gotta be yourself, because people, they gravitate towards real,” she explained. “So many people try to be something they not. You just gotta be yourself. I’m just myself. I’m just that bi–h and that’s how you bag a n—a.

The duo released their third album, RAW, on Oct. 20. The set features lead single “Flashy” with Kim Petras. On why they chose to work with the “Unholy” artist, JT recalled that while recording, they “[were] looking for somebody who would sound good on the record, and Kim Petras, I think she’s dope and she sounds great.” Usher (“Good Love”), Lil Durk (“Static”), Muni Long (“Emotions”) and Juicy J (“Fancy Ass Bitch”) also appear on the album.

Watch City Girls’ full Billboard News interview in the video above.

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