BLACKPINK’s Lisa Enjoys Her Favorite Thai Meal on Her Spotify Billion Streams Plate

Lisa is celebrating in style! The rapper’s “Money” is the first K-pop track by a solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify, and the BLACKPINK superstar had some fun when she received her plate-shaped plaque.


In a video posted to Spotify’s Instagram account on Wednesday (Nov. 15), Lisa opens her plaque in Paris, noting that she immediately knew what meal she would like to eat on it. Heading over to a kitchen set-up, Lisa began cooking her “favorite Thai dish” called khai jiao, which is a Thai-style shrimp omelette topped with some spice. She went on to enjoy some dessert, another favorite of hers called itim khanom pang, a coconut ice cream sandwich with sticky rice.

“I feel like it’s something unbelievable that my songs have this many people who have listened to them,” the 26-year-old star reflected. “It makes me proud of myself and makes me want to keep making music. I would like to thank everybody who has made my dreams come true.”

The song — released as the second track from her 2021 solo EP Lalisa — marks Lisa’s fourth solo achievement with Guinness World Records. Earlier this year, the rapper became the first solo K-pop winner at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2022. She was also the first solo K-pop winner at 2022’s MTV Europe Music Awards, after being nominated twice in the category due to a nod alongside BLACKPINK. Lisa also has the most followers for a K-pop artist on Instagram, with a then total of 86.3 million Blinks. At the current time of publication, she has skyrocketed to 98.7 million followers.

Watch Lisa eat off her Spotify billion streams plate below.

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