Billboard Music Awards Performer Profile: Peso Pluma | Billboard Music Awards 2023

Billboard has announced Peso Pluma will be performing at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. Billboard runs through some of the biggest chart highlights of Peso Pluma’s career.

Peso Pluma
It’s just a start, it’s just the beginning of a new era of Mexican music.

Tetris Kelly
It’s been a big year for Peso Puma, our BBMA top new artists finalist. The regional Mexican singer has dominated the Billboard charts all year, bringing regional Mexican music to the forefront. Some of his biggest accomplishments include 22 career entries on the Billboard Hot 100, 14 songs on the Hot 100 at the same time, and his album ‘Genesis’ spent 15 weeks at No. 1 on Top Latin Albums.

Peso Pluma
It was like my first baby, you know? And just watching it being in the top charts with very big, important names because it was just such a crazy thing.

Tetris Kelly
“Ella Baila Solo” is the first regional Mexican songs hit the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. Peso is a finalist in five categories, including top new artists and top Latin artists. And he’s no stranger to the coveted No. 1s on the Billboard chart. Some highlights include one No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200, No. 1 on top Latin albums, three No.1s on Hot Latin songs. Peso Puma has cemented his place in Billboard history and earned his spot as a BBMAs finalist.

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