32 Spanish-Language Female Rappers Elevating the Movement

Latin hip-hop is a movement that has undeniably been a boys club historically. From its roots in the vibrant neighborhoods of the Bronx, New York to its explosive growth across Latin America and beyond, male artists have often taken center stage. Rappers like Tempo, C-Kan, Akapellah, Residente and many more have been at the forefront of it.

This year, the Latin Grammys nominations for best rap/hip-hop song include just two women, 18-year-old Dominican newcomer J Noa and Argetina’s Nicki Nicole (Meanwhile, eleven male songwriters are nominated in that category). These talented female MCs not only deserve the recognition they are receiving but also deserve to be celebrated for their contributions to the genre, as they are part of our list of 32 Spanish-language female rappers who are, or have been, making waves in the Latin hip-hop scene — whether they stay true to the rap style or go beyond.

Behind the scenes and increasingly in the spotlight, Latina rappers have too played a fundamental role in Latin hip-hop’s journey, infusing it with their unique perspectives, lyrical prowess and a fierce determination to break down gender barriers. In Chile, Ana Tijoux rose from the underground hip-hop scene of Santiago in the ’90s, first as an emcee in the group Makiza to achieving international stardom as a solo act. Across the Atlantic, Mala Rodriguez climbed the ranks of Spain’s thriving hip-hop scene, bolstered by lyrics as bold as her personality. Emerging names like BB Trickz, Eli Almic and more are also shattering stereotypes, while highlighting their stories, struggles and triumphs.

On this list, Billboard Latin and Billboard Español dive into the contributions of 32 Latina artists, acknowledging their vital role in shaping a genre today. Through their music, these trailblazing women have challenged the status quo, paving the way for future generations of female Latin hip-hop artists. Here are 32 Spanish-language female rappers, in alphabetical order, who are (and in some cases have long been) elevating the movement.

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