14 best stocking-stuffer gifts for coffee lovers

What to get for Java Joe or Jane

Stocking stuffers are a fun way to give a delightful gift without breaking the bank. When you’re shopping for the coffee lovers in your life, there are many trinkets and accessories that make great stocking stuffers. Whether for brewing the perfect cup, tracking their favorite cafes or showing off their love for java, there is a stocking stuffer in every price range and for every coffee lover. We rounded up the best gifts for coffee lovers you can fit in a stocking; coffee samplers and accessories, novelty gifts, coffee books and more.

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What is a stocking stuffer?

A stocking stuffer is generally a smaller gift that can fit inside of a Christmas stocking. They’re usually affordably priced, so you can stuff many different gifts in each stocking. They can be wrapped or unwrapped, depending on your traditions. Some families open their stockings on Christmas with the rest of their gifts, while others open them on Christmas Eve. Some people compromise and let everyone choose one stocking stuffer to open on Christmas Eve as a teaser for the celebrations to come.

Best stocking stuffers for coffee lovers

There are a few categories of stocking stuffers for coffee lovers. Of course, you can always purchase coffee for a surefire gift they’ll love. Coffee accessories are great to give to those who love to upgrade their brewing methods or improve the coffee drinking experience. Coffee gifts offer a world of home goods and other treasures that help them revel in their caffeine craze. Books about coffee open up a world of history and insight behind the worldwide drink. The best stocking stuffers are small enough to fit in a holiday stocking after they’ve been gift wrapped and are reasonably priced.

Coffee stocking stuffers

The most obvious coffee lover gifts would be to give them their one true love — coffee. They might even brew a fresh cup right away in one of their favorite coffee mugs.

Best instant coffee and samplers

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Medium Roast Packets

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Medium Roast Packets

This instant coffee is a crowd favorite with its nutty and chocolatey flavors. The coffee gift box of 50 single-serving packets makes it easy to take a caffeine boost anywhere they go.

Driftaway Coffee Single Origin Coffee Sampler Tasting Kit

Driftaway Coffee Single-Origin Coffee Sampler Tasting Kit

For a coffee aficionado who loves trying new flavors, this sustainable coffee sampler kit includes 4-ounce bags of different coffees from around the world. You can choose the grind based on how they prepare their coffee.

Saturnbird Specialty Coffee Instant Cold Brew

Saturnbird Specialty Coffee Instant Cold Brew

If the person you’re shopping for loves their cold brew, this is the perfect coffee gift set. It features 24 single servings of light-, medium- and dark-roast Arabica varieties packaged in cute miniature coffee cups.

Coffee accessories

Even if they already have all the trinkets and gadgets of a coffee connoisseur, there are a few coffee accessories that can add even more joy to their coffee routine.

Best coffee accessories

Zulay Original Handheld Milk Frother

Zulay Original Handheld Milk Frother

For the coffee drinker who loves their frothy milk, this handheld electric whisk can make foamy espresso drinks in seconds. This milk frother is easy to use, takes two AA batteries and comes with a convenient stand. Choose from over 50 colors and designs.

Cozy Scented Warming Coaster

Cozy Scented Warming Coaster

Fill your home with scents of cinnamon, coffee and cloves with this hand-woven scented coaster. The spices are sewn inside of the coaster, only releasing their scent when you set a hot mug on top. Choose from two different scent profiles.

 BCnmviku Measuring Cup Espresso Shot Glasses

 BCnmviku Measuring Cup Espresso Shot Glasses

These useful glasses are perfect for enjoying shots of espresso on their own or measuring it for perfectly balanced lattes, cappuccino drinks and more. Each glass holds 2 ounces, and since they’re so small, there will still be plenty of room for other gifts in the stocking.

Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

Stojo Collapsible Travel Cup

This reusable travel cup is conveniently collapsible, squishing down to pocket size. It’s made of temperature-resistant silicone and can be used for hot or cold drinks. This handy coffee accessory is safe to use in the dishwasher or microwave, available in four sizes between 12 to 24 ounces and 24 fun colors.

Coffee-inspired stocking stuffers

For those who want an extra “caffeine buzz,” give the gift of coffee-themed goodies. From daily office supplies to clothing and home goods, coffee can provide them with a boost of energy, even if it’s not in liquid form.

Best coffee-inspired stocking stuffers

Lavley Novelty Coffee Socks

Lavley Novelty Coffee Socks

These coffee-themed novelty socks include fun graphics and no-slip rubber text on the bottom that says, “If you can read this, bring me some coffee.” These crew socks are made of a cotton blend for comfort and stretch and fit U.S. sizes 6 to 13.

NeedleAndMug Coffee Cup Planner Clip

NeedleAndMug Coffee Cup Planner Clip

This planner clip features a handsewn felt takeout coffee container for coffee lovers who love to stay organized. It’s a cute and practical way to keep track of the date in a planner or use as a bookmark.

The Candle Daddy Coffee Scented Wax Cubes

The Candle Daddy Coffee-Scented Wax Cubes

Experience the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee at any time of day with these coffee-scented wax melts. Use with any electric or tea light wax warmer.

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds are excellent for exfoliation — they scrub away dead skin cells for smoother, younger-looking skin; reduce the appearance of cellulite and scarring; and improve circulation. This natural exfoliator has the smell of a fresh, delicious cup of coffee and comes in 7-ounce bags.

Coffee books

Slide a coffee book into a coffee lover’s stocking and watch them dive into the world of their favorite drink. This gift for coffee lovers can inspire a deeper appreciation for the history, cultivation and brewing process of the drink, and they can record their own experiences along the way with coffee journals.

Best coffee books for coffee lovers

The Devil's Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee

“The Devil’s Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee”

Explore the history of coffee with the author of this witty book as it tracks the caffeinated drink back to the first coffee beans ever cultivated.

Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home

“Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing a Better Cup at Home”

This award-winning book is a must-have guide for home coffee brewers. It details the science behind brewing and the importance of perfecting every element from bean to sip.

Coffee Passport Journal, a Pocket-Sized Coffee Tasting Book

Coffee Passport Journal, a Pocket-Sized Coffee Tasting Book

Help a coffee lover in your life keep track of all their favorite spots with this pocket-sized coffee notebook. The 48-page journal includes entry pages for adding new cafes, checklists and other coffee-related prompts to build a book of coffee memories.

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