Yng Lvcas Plays This or That | Billboard

Yng Lvcas plays This or That with Billboard backstage at Billboard’s Latin Music Week 2023.

Yng Lvcas:
What’s up, my people? I’m your friend Yng Lvcas, and I’m going to play This or That with Billboard.

[Horchata or agua fresca?]Horchata

[Bachata or merengue?]Merengue

[Tacos al pastor or tacos de pollo?]Al pastor

[Baseball or soccer?]Soccer.

What’s your team?

Yng Lvcas:

[Spicy food or not spicy?]Spicy, one hundred percent.

[Empanadas or tamales?]Tamales.

What type?

Yng Lvcas:

[Salsa Verde or Salsa Roja?]Both.

[Mariachis or vallenatos?]Mariachi.

[Tequila or mezcal?]Tequila.

Watch the full video above!

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