Taraji P. Henson Says Beyonce ‘Ruined’ Her Renaissance Tour Outfit Plans

Taraji P. Henson had her whole outfit ready for Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, but Queen Bey herself ended up throwing a wrench in her plans.

The Empire star stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, where the host showed off a sparkly, ninja-inspired outfit with silver chain detailing that Henson posted to Instagram. “I had already had my outfit picked out for [Beyoncé’s] show, months in advance,” the comedian explained. “Then, she does this, ‘Oh, it’s my birthday. Let’s all wear silver.’ So, I mean, my house is being renovated and my clothes are in storage, so I randomly happened to buy this off of those Instagram Shopping pages.”

Henson noted that when the outfit arrived, it was not good quality and was about to “throw it away,” but decided against it. “At the end of the day, that’s all I had for Beyoncé. It was kind of silver, had silver sparklies on it,” she recalled. “Long story short, I did have to throw it away at the end of the night because it had snags and holes — but thanks, Instagram Shopping!”

Watch her run down the whole situation below, as well as explain why Usher is the ultimate “female magnet.”

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