Seven20 & AYITA Form The Circuit Group, With Focus on Turning Artist IP Into Biz Opportunities

Two groups of artist managers have come together to form The Circuit Group, a new entity that will create business opportunities around artists’ intellectual property.

Founded by Dean and Jessica Wilson of Seven20 — whose clients include deadmau5 — along with Brett Fischer, David Gray and Harvey Tadman of AYITA — clients include Chris Lake and Fisher — The Circuit Group plans to acquire 50% ownership in artists’ IP portfolios and partner with them to build opportunities across verticals, along with offering traditional artist management.

By acquiring up to 50% of an artist’s song catalog, The Circuit Group intends to create immediate revenue for artists, while encouraging them to work alongside the company to create additional opportunities around the IP in recorded music, publishing, merchandise, brand deals, gaming, events, Web3, new music technologies and more.

The Circuit Group already holds master and publishing rights to more 3,000 songs. The current roster includes electronic artists including deadmau5, Chris Lake, FISHER, HoneyLuv, NERO and Ninajirachi.

“The engine at the center of everything in the music business is the song,” said Dean Wilson, The Circuit Group CEO and co-founder and deadmau5′ longtime manager. “At The Circuit Group, we are building a network of businesses around IP, putting artists’ creativity at the center and engaging and sustaining them over the long term. This ensures that artists continue to share in every revenue stream available to them and ultimately gives them more control over their destinies than traditional business models have offered them.”

“I’ve worked with artists for nearly 20 years,” adds Circuit Group co-founder Fischer. “What’s being built at Circuit is exciting because we get to really push the limits on each artist’s business and get them the credit they deserve.”

The Circuit Group has offices in Los Angeles, Miami and London.

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