New X change removes users’ ability to block, report certain ads

(The Hill) — X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has removed users’ ability to block and report certain advertisements.

According to a new report by Mashable Friday, users on X reached out to the publication about a new type of ad. These ads were reportedly in the “For You” feed on the platform and were not appearing on X before.

The new ads also do not let users like or retweet them, Mashable reported. The publication also said the ad format does not reveal the people behind them, or their existence as ads themselves. They also reportedly do not give users options to block an account or report a post if clicked, like advertisement posts typically do. 

The reported new ads come close in timing with another new change to X. On Wednesday, X started the process of changing the appearance of links posted to the platform. It got rid of headlines and text that had been shown with images when a link was posted. X’s owner, billionaire Elon Musk had suggested that publishers should post content in long form the day before. 

“Our algorithm tries to optimize time spent on X, so links don’t get as much attention, because there is less time spent if people click away,” Musk said in an X post. “Best thing is to post content in long form on this platform.”

Musk has also made controversial changes to the platform’s content moderation, with some saying those changes have increased misinformation on X. He got in a scrap with CNN last November for posting a screenshot of an image featuring a fictitious chyron on the network saying, “Elon Musk could threaten free speech on Twitter by literally allowing people to speak freely.”

“This headline never appeared on CNN,” CNN’s public relations department wrote in a post directed at Musk on X. “Be better.”

“Lmaoooo,” Musk said in reply. 

The Hill has reached out to X.

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