New bill signed to expand Move Over law to include disabled cars

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new piece of legislation aimed at expanding New York’s Slow Down/Move Over requirement was signed into law by Governor Hochul.

According to the legislation, the expansion would require motorists to be cautious when approaching a disabled car on a highway or a parkway.

Beforehand, motorists would only have to reduce speed and move from the lane when approaching emergency lights from police cars, emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and maintenance workers.

“This bill will decrease the numbers of fatalities and serious injuries that occur due to crashes involving a stopped or disabled vehicle on our roadways,” said Senator Lea Webb, who sponsored the bill.

According to AAA, between 2016 and 2020, over 1,700 were hit by cars while they were outside of a disabled vehicle. 37 of those were people who were killed in New York.]

“Until now, the Slow Down/Move Over Law has helped keep first responders and roadside workers safe, but expanding this law to disabled vehicles will further improve safety on our roads,” said Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski. “Requiring drivers to move over for any disabled vehicle will decrease the chances of a collision, making roads safer for everyone.”

The new law will go into effect in 180 days.

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