Lana Del Rey Drops Biblical Diss on Christian Influencer Who Claimed She Was Using Witchcraft

Lana Del Rey‘s recent tour was full of magical moments, from the flower-decked swing her dancers swung on to the massive train on her wedding gown costume and the mid-show lie-down cuddle puddle during “Pretty When You Cry.”

But unless your name is Traci Coston, chances are you missed the bit in the show when LDR whipped out her big book of witchcraft and cast a spell on her audience, causing them to topple like demonic dominos. At least that’s what the Christian influencer claimed in a video captioned, “Demonic Energy Knocks Over Lana Del Rey Crowd,” that showed fans at one of the singer’s summer shows mysteriously toppling over.

“Lana Del Rey has been open about practicing witchcraft,” Coston said in the video, with the caption featuring the hashtags #witchcraft and #demons. Coston then cued up the video of a chain reaction fall down in the pit that she dubbed “not normal,” adding “whatever witchcraft Del Rey is doing the spell she’s putting on her music to make it attractive those demons are being invited into the crowd.”

The footage appears to be of an August show in Mexico in which the tightly packed crowd on the floor tipped over after the momentum of one person’s fall appeared to trigger the mass event.

Though Coston seems to have turned off and deleted comments on the post that went up last month, screen grabs of one captured by Stereogum from former church choir singer LDR’s Honeymoon account featured a pointed recent response from the singer. “B!tch I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do,” she wrote. “PS you’re giving off super gremlin energy. Not in a good way.”

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