Ed Sheeran Drops ‘Autumn Variations (Fan Living Room Sessions)’ Bonus Album

Imagine if Ed Sheeran just showed up at your house and asked if he could play a show in your living room. Well, for 14 lucky Sheerios that is exactly what happened and now their jaw-on-the-floor reactions will be forever thanks to the Autumn Variations (Fan Living Room Sessions) album.


Sheeran has been teasing the companion piece to his just-released Autumn Variations album, and early Monday morning (Oct. 2) he revealed that the project is out now and that the videos for all 14 fan house visit/performances will debut at 1 p.m. ET today.

In the one-minute trailer, a weepy fan cannot believe Sheeran just showed up at her house amid footage of the singer popping up on front porches, acoustic guitar in tow, blowing minds, with one superfan revealing that she was told she was receiving “a package with some limited merch.”

“We have not limited merch,” Sheeran laughs while chilling on a couch as the Friends-inspired Variations song, “American Town,” plays in the background. The Fan Living Room album features the original’s 14 tracks, plus versions of each from the homes of fans named Kia, Alex, Sarom, Kari, Narine, Deborah, John, Emily, Holly, Kristen, Danilelle and Keira; each performance was recorded during dates on Sheeran’s just-completed North American leg of his Mathematics Tour.

Sheeran has pledged a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the two versions of the Variations album purchased from his webstore to the music education non-profit Save the Music. While all the Living Room songs will be accompanied by vidoes, Sheeran announced last week that he will not release any singles or videos from the proper Variations studio album.

“Each record before I’ve done, like, all the big going in and doing all these radio interviews, and going on the late-night shows, and doing, doing all this stuff. And this record, there’s not even a single for it. There’s not, there’s not a music video. I’m just putting it out,” Sheeran told CBS Mornings the day the set dropped.

Watch the Living Room Sessions trailer and listen to the Fan Living Room Sessions album below.

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