Does our summery weather continue??

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Our ‘Second Summer’ continues across central New Yok but changes are on the horizon. The details are below…

Summer in October continues

After setting a record high on Wednesday it looks like we take another run at a record high on Thursday.

Look for another day with mostly sunny skies and a bit of a southerly breeze for a change. We are forecasting 85 which would tie the record high for the day that was set back in 2007.


More mild, tranquil nights ahead, too

Wednesday and Thursday nights will likely be even milder than past nights with lows probably not dropping below 60 degrees for many thanks to a breeze and some clouds in particular Thursday night. For some, that might be warm enough to turn on the AC or at the very least the ceiling fan.

The increase in wind also means less river valley fog than what we’ve seen the last few days.

Change is coming

However, the remarkable stretch of warm weather (which actually started at the end of last week) shows signs of coming to an end.

A cold front is approaching us on Friday.  There are more clouds around but enough breaks in the morning to allow us to warm into the mid, perhaps upper 70s. As the front gets closer to us in the afternoon our chances for showers increase.

  • Eve-Moving-Fronts1-2
  • Eve-Moving-Fronts2

Friday’s cold front is the leading edge to a couple of surges of cooler air that build in for the weekend. It will be a rather rude awakening for central New York. It is safe to say this weekend will not be an ideal outdoor weekend. Click here for more details.

Keep checking the latest 7-day forecast for updates.

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