Carson Daly Uses Taylor Swift References to Explain the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets Game

Swifties are in their football era, whether or not they understand the sport — but Carson Daly is helping out with a little sports rundown.

Taylor Swift arrived to watch Travis Kelce — tight end and her rumored boyfriend — and the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the New York Jets over the weekend (Oct. 1), and before the big game, NBC shared a clip from The Voice in which host Daly ran through the details of the game with a slew of Swift-related puns.

“We got a call from NBC Sports asking us to put tonight’s story in language that the legions of Swifties would understand,” Daly said as a video of Kelce played on the screen. “This guy, Travis Kelce, well, he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, who are basically the ‘next great American dynasty’ in the NFL.”

He continued, “On the other side, there’s the New York Jets. They’ve been left with a ‘blank space’ after losing their star quarterback [Aaron Rodgers]. Tonight, sure, they’re going to try to ‘shake it off,’ but against the defending Super Bowl champs, it’s probably not likely to happen. Maybe in their ‘wildest dreams.’”

Swift’s night at the game marks the second public appearance/football date where the 1989 hitmaker showed support for Kelce, but this time, she was joined by her famous friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

See below for Carson Daly’s football rundown for the Swifties.

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