Beyoncé Scores Three-Peat Atop Billboard’s Monthly Boxscore Recap

Yet again, Beyoncé crowns Billboard’s monthly Boxscore recap. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the Renaissance World Tour grossed $121.9 million and sold 476,000 tickets across nine shows in September.

This is the third consecutive month, and fourth overall, that Beyoncé has crowned Top Tours. That ties her with Bad Bunny for the second-most since the charts’ launch in February 2019, only behind Elton John’s seven. And while he, Bad Bunny, The Rolling Stones and others have achieved back-to-back wins, Queen Bey is the first act to go three-in-a-row.

It’s also her third consecutive month north of $100 million, after setting all-time monthly record with $179.3 million in August.

In addition to this monthly chart feat, Billboard previously reported upon Beyoncé’s Oct. 1 finale that The Renaissance World Tour is the highest-grossing tour by a woman, by a Black artist and by any American soloist in the Boxscore archives. Between its May 10 kickoff in Stockholm and its recent closing show in Kansas City, the tour grossed $579.8 million and sold 2.8 million tickets, making it the biggest of her career, and the seventh highest grossing trek of all time.

September is Beyoncé’s second month at No. 1 on Top Boxscores. After reigning in July with two shows at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, she claims the crown with three shows on the opposite coast. Playing SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. (Los Angeles area) on Sept. 1-2 and 4, the Renaissance World Tour brought in $45.5 million and sold 156,000 tickets.

More, Beyoncé follows herself at No. 2 with two hometown shows at Houston’s NRG Stadium. Those, on Sept. 23-24, grossed $31.3 million and sold 123,000 tickets. Though more than 30% off from her SoFi shows, the weekend in Houston earned more than double its next closest competition.

Depeche Mode’s trio of dates at Mexico City’s Foro Sol took in $15.4 million, leading a group of 13 reports between $10-15 million. Three of those 13 come from Beyoncé herself, at Nos. 6, 8 and 12.

While Beyoncé is one of a growing group of solo women who have shifted the make-up of Boxscore’s top earners in the last several months, she is one of just three on September’s Top Tours. P!nk follows at No. 6 with $30.2 million from a handful of North American stadium shows as part of the Summer Canival tour. Elsewhere, Lady Gaga is No. 29 with $11.1 million from eight dates as part of her Jazz & Piano residency at MGM’s Dolby Live in Las Vegas.

While these women make up just 10% of the acts on the chart, their grosses combine to 22% of the top 30’s combined earnings, in large part due to Beyoncé’s giant haul.

Notably, RBD adds to the gender shift, at No. 2. The Mexican pop group reunited with five of its six original members – three women and two men – to winning results. Through Oct. 1, the Soy Rebelde Tour has earned $90.2 million, $65.7 million on which came from shows in October. That’s more than the group’s entire concert revenues from before reuniting, from 2005-08.

The upper echelon of this month’s rankings is notably diverse. Morgan Wallen, Drake and Coldplay round out the top five spots on Top Tours, adding country, rap and rock to RBD’s Latin pop and Beyoncé’s mix of pop, R&B and dance music. In 39 editions of the Top Tours chart, this is the first time that each of the top five acts represent different genres.

While Beyoncé’s nine-figure haul includes revenue from her Sept. 11 show in Vancouver, Wallen gives Canada a spotlight among his September dates. Ten out of his 13 concerts were above the border, making up 61% of his total monthly earnings. Those include three in Toronto (Sept. 14-16; $7.2 million; 47,800 tickets) and others in Montreal (Sept. 23; $3.1 million; 15,200) and Calgary (Sept. 30; $2.9 million; 13,600).

After Wallen’s $25.8 million in Canada, Coldplay follows with $9.2 million from two shows in Vancouver, before Beyoncé with $7.9 million from her own Vancouver date. Ten other acts among September’s top 30 played shows in Canada, from Ed Sheeran and Guns N’ Roses in the top 20, to Lionel Richie and Marco Antonio Solis at Nos. 28 and 30, respectively.

While the stacked grosses by Beyoncé, RBD and others are certainly worth celebrating, September’s overall figures are record-breaking, well beyond the top-earning tours. For the first time since the charts launched, all 30 tours grossed more than $10 million, down to Solis’ $10.9 million. Previously, June ’23 set the high-mark with 27 tours.

September’s eight-figure treks go well beyond the top 30, in fact, with another eight artists above the benchmark. Fuerza Regida just misses the chart cut-off with $10.8 million, while Lana Del Rey ($10.7 million), The Postal Service & Death Cab for Cutie ($10.6 million) and blink-182 ($10.4 million), among others, follow.

Still looking at the big picture, though slightly zoomed in, Live Nation crowns Top Promoters, yet again. With over 8.4 million tickets sold in September, the concert giant has reported grosses of more than $1 billion for the first time.

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