Tori Kelly Looks Back on the ‘Confusing Whirlwind’ of Her Hospitalization: ‘It Happened Out of Nowhere’

After dealing with a public set of health scares over the last few months, Tori Kelly said that she is ready to get back to work.


Speaking with Entertainment Tonight in an interview published Tuesday (Sept. 12), the 30-year-old singer-songwriter reflected on her hospitalization back in July after she collapsed in public reportedly due to blood clots in her legs and lungs. “It happened out of nowhere,” Kelly said. “I was feeling just a little tired throughout the day, and my heart rate was kind of high. I was at dinner with my husband and [I’m] so thankful he was there because I ended up collapsing.”

The Grammy-winner said she was not aware that she had blood clots — she still is unsure of how they came about — but added that she’s very grateful to be healthy again. “On one end it was scary, and then on another end, I did feel this sense of unexplainable peace that it was gonna be OK,” she said. “I just felt like God had me and it was gonna be OK, but yeah, definitely in the midst of that it was just kind of a confusing whirlwind.”

Kelly’s interview comes after the singer first updated her fans following her hospitalization with a handwritten note posted to her Instagram in late July. “As you may have heard, I’m dealing with some unexpected health challenges. It’s been a scary few days but I can feel your prayers & can’t stop thinking about you,” she wrote at the time. “I’m feeling stronger now & hopeful but unfortunately there are still some things to uncover.”

In her new interview, though, Kelly revealed that she is treating her blood clots with “medication and blood thinner,” and that she remains confident that she will be able to complete her upcoming Take Control Tour while monitoring her health status.

“I’m able to tour now. I’m back [and] healthy, and so it was definitely scary but I think it’s definitely given me a different outlook on life and just being so grateful that I made it through that and [that I] am here now,” she said. “Looking out in the audience and seeing all my amazing fans again has been keeping my spirits high.”

Kelly’s nine-date tour kicked off on Sunday (Sept. 10) in Toronto, and will continue throughout the U.S. until her final pair of shows in Los Angeles on Sept. 25 and 26.

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