New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Becky G, Sebastian Yatra & More

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Becky G, “Querido Abuelo” (Kemosabe Records/RCA Records)

It’s impossible to not get emotional when you hear Becky G’s tribute to her abuelo. The latest single from her upcoming música mexicana album, “Querido Abuelo” is a tear-jerking track that can be described as an open letter to Becky’s late abuelito as she honors his existence and the influence he had on her ever since she was little. “Querido abuelo,” she sings emotionally, “Your memory in my soul is always present/ I would give anything to hug you once more.”

The song is powered by an equally nostalgic requinto that amplifies the song’s pathos and Becky’s raw and powerful vocals. “Querido Abuelo” — produced by Edgar Barrera — comes with a beautiful music video featuring childhood footage of Becky and her grandpa at their ranch in Mexico. Becky, who is currently on tour, is set to drop her new album, Esquinas, Sept. 28. — GRISELDA FLORES

Sebastián Yatra, “Energía Bacana” (Universal Music Latino)

Similar to his achingly sincere and ear-candy catchy “Tacones Rojos,” Yatra’s “Energía bacana” (Cool Energy) is a letter to the girl he loves with a laundry list of attributes that evokes Cole Porter’s classic “You’re the top.” Yatra rattles off reasons to love (“You have an energy that’s cool/You make my week feel like a Saturday/ You don’t have friends, you have sisters/ And before I was your boyfriend, I was your buddy”) in terms that manage to be contemporary, yet sweet and clean without falling into the cheesy or trite. The same can be said of the music: Global pop built on strong melodies and hooks, but with hand claps. The cherry on the cake is the video, Yatra’s directorial debut, which features Georgina Rodríguez and a brief cameo from her significant other, Cristiano Ronaldo. Look for it. — LEILA COBO

Christian Nodal, México en Mi Voz (Christian Nodal/Sony Music Mexico)

Many have tried to interpret the great, timeless songs of the undisputed King of Ranchera Music, Vicente Fernández, but a majority have failed. However, Christian Nodal’s intoxicating voice soars high; and his latest EP, México en Mi Voz, is a lachrymose affair. In typical mariacheño fashion — the mariachi and norteño fusion he invented — he seamlessly weaves accordion riffs with swirling brass metals, continuing to innovate within the confines of traditional música mexicana. But perhaps the biggest accomplishment is the manner in which the rugged cowboy delivers his heart to honor Chente’s most beloved songs: “Acá Entre Nos,” “Mujeres Divinas,” “La Media Vuelta,” and more — with spine-chilling effects and an utmost respect.

“This EP means too much for me. I am from Sonora and on September 16, traditional Mexican music is heard in every house. I had been wanting to redo some precious pieces left by our great interpreters for a long time,” explains Nodal in a statement, just in time for Mexican Independence Day. “We chose five songs, and it was very difficult and, at the same time, a very precious process. We poured some very good tequilas, and what I can tell you is that you are going to love [this EP] if you have Mexico in your heart. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t Mexican, this album is for you, and if you are Mexican, all the more reason.” — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Nathy Peluso & Tiago PZK, “Ella Tiene” (5020 Records/Sony Music España)

Argentina stars Nathy Peluso and Tiago PZK join their voices in a delicious bachata “dedicated to romance… that tells a turbulent love story,” as Peluso says in a press release. In this passionate song narrated in third person, she complains that he didn’t know how to love a woman and he gives her his side of the story. “I saw her pass by, she cried while she deleted the photographs she had of you from her cell phone,” Peluso sings in Spanish, to which Tiago later replies: “I see someone empty, who gave this heart betrayal in cold blood.” 

Their voices blend in beautiful harmony in the chorus, part of which says: “She has a tattoo of great disappointment, you said you loved her but in love there are no conditions.” The respective music video, directed by Rocío Gastaldi, shows Peluso dancing in a captivating manner while both artists reminisce about the pain inflicted by a lost love. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Laura Pausini, “Durar” (Warner Music Italy/Gente Edizioni Musicali SRL)

“Durar” (“To last”) is the new single by Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini, and the first track of her upcoming album ALMAS PARALELAS, which will be released on October 27. Produced by Michelangelo and Paolo Carta, the singer’s husband, the emotional ballad is a love letter about a relationship that has gone through different stages to maturity and remains firm over time. “I feel like smiling/ See; we ended up getting it” reads part of the lyrics. “This song is about how I can still believe in love stories that want to build a life path to think together. To know each other, desire each other, invent each other, and understand each other. And even to go crazy together. To discover how good, it is to share a destiny. Durare. It is possible.” comments the Italian in a statement. Pausini is preparing to go out with her Laura Pausini World Tour 2023/2024 which includes cities in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. — LUISA CALLE

Ozuna, Saiko & Ovy on the Drums, “Te Mentí” (Aura Music/Sony Music Latin)

In a new collaborative effort, following “Chao Bebe” (2022), Ozuna and Ovy on the Drums join forces in “Te Mentí” — this time, reeling in Spanish newcomer Saiko. The three-minute song kicks off with a simple synth beat backing up Ozuna’s sugary vocals before transitioning into a hard-hitting reggaetón track. In “Te Mentí,” which translates to “I lied to you,” both the Puerto Rican act and rising artist are sad and regretful. “I lied to you/ I haven’t deleted you, I’m still looking out for you/ I stopped drinking alcohol but I went back/ Losing you hurt,” they sing. On the beats, the Colombian hitmaker navigates a futuristic reggaetón fusion with trap flair. — JESSICA ROIZ

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