Lake Ontario is one of the most picturesque U.S. landscapes, according to study

NEW YORK (WSYR-TV) — If you live in New York, there’s a high chance that you have visited the shores of this great lake, which has recently ranked amongst the top five most picturesque U.S. landscapes.

Lake Ontario is shared by both New York and Canada, but is familiar to many New Yorkers that have traveled to beach parks along the lake, including Fair Haven Beach State Park, Southwick Beach State Park, Ontario Beach Park, Sodus Point Beach Park and more.

In a new study by Storyboards, Lake Ontario ranked amongst the top ten in the list of the most picturesque landscapes in America.

Lake Ontario ranks 5th most picturesque landscape in the U.S.

According to Storyboards study, they used new research from Instagram data to analyze the number of hashtags for various landscapes in America to discover which of those are the most picturesque. 

The entire list is below.

Rank  Landscape  No. of hashtags 
Lake Tahoe  2,986,225 
Lake Michigan  2,788,904 
Clearwater Beach  1,298,877 
Lake Superior  1,157,663 
Lake Ontario  1,007,124 
Waikiki Beach  969,640 
Lake Norman  640,978 
Lake Huron  560,434 
Lake Powell  456,329 
10  Mojave Desert  429,066 

Although this might not be surprising, Lake Ontario had over a million hashtags on Instagram of pictures posted of the lake.

With Lake Ontario’s shoreline being 712 miles long, the lake contains a staggering 1,864 islands and over 100 diverse beaches.

“With the top 10 landscapes being located in various states, including Florida, Hawaii, and North Carolina, it shows that Americans are spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning scenery,” stated Gavin Glick, Co-Founder of Storyboards. “However, it’s interesting to see that seven of the top 10 landscapes are all lakes, suggesting that Americans favor this type of landscape over any other.” 

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