Auburn CSD enforcing code of conduct of cell phone usage

AUBURN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Students in Auburn Enlarged City School District will be heading back to the classroom on Tuesday, September 5. But before students head out the door, the district has an update on its code of conduct for the use of technology.

Auburn City School District is cracking down on cell phones.

“We made some tweaks to the code of conduct for cell phone usage from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade,” said Jeffrey Pirozzolo, superintendent at Auburn Enlarged City School District.

With that comes less leniency and more enforcement for those in high school.

“There’s going to be no cell phone usage during instructional time. So when students are in their instructional classes, cell phones can not be seen or heard,” said Pirozzolo, unless a teacher or administrator says otherwise.

“But if that does not take place, and they’re seen with a cell phone, or it’s heard, they’ll be sent down to the office where we will take the student’s cell phone from them,” said Pirozzolo.

If students violate protocol, they won’t get their phone back until the end of the day. If it happens again, their cell phone will be taken away, and their parent will have to pick them up at the end of the day.

“During lunchtime, [in the] hallways, they can be used,” said Pirozzolo.

But at junior high and elementary schools, the code of conduct for cell phone usage is much different than high school. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade will not be allowed to use their cell phones during the school day.

“So all of our elementary schools and our junior high, there’s no cell phones allowed. Students may bring cell phones to schools, but they have to be put away. They can’t be seen or heard,” said Pirozzolo.

It all stems from issues at the junior high that happened last year. Students were using their cell phones to record fights or inappropriate things.

“We actually banned cell phones at our junior high school halfway through the school year last year,” said Pirozzolo.

The district put the cell phone ban in place last March. With that ban still in place, students’ cell phones must be stored away in their locker or book bag during school hours.

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