Z Morning Zoo

9/5 Tuesday Zoo

ICYMI: Check out these highlights from the Tuesday Z Morning Zoo!

After a long wait your Tuesday Zoo returns! Daniel gives you an overview of the show (00:00) and then the guys talk about whether or not bandaids are the signal of a loser (00:44). In a brand new segment called the Library of Shame (04:17) , Hudson shares a shameful story about his car breaking down. Then comes the segment you all have been waiting for, as they each take turns smelling Cooper and reporting on his scent in Cooper Smells (09:49). They talk about the Village, which is a new segment in which your Tuesday zoo discusses the rules for their utopian (although that might be too strong of a word) village (14:27). They then intro the Cooper-less Cooper Power Hour and tell you how its gonna do down (21:12). They round out the show by going over their best tweets of all time, a segment you definitely do not want to miss (25:35).

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