That Chick Angel Talks ‘One Margarita’ Music Video, Getting Flo Milli, Sexyy Red & Cindy Da Rapper on Remix

That Chick Angel has gone viral with her track “One Margarita” — and naturally, she’s having a drink to celebrate. The rapper sat down with Billboard News‘ Tetris Kelly to knock back a few drinks, as well as talk about how her track, which also features Steve Terrell and CasaDi, came to be

The rapper and Kelly played a game in which he asked her a series of questions to see things she has or has not done. “Have a margarita if Cindy Crawford was in your music video,” Kelly said, which prompted Angel to take a sip of her drink and explain how the song and the Crawford cameo came to be.

“The first step was, we got a feature. Me and Steve and CasaDi discussed who we really wanted on the song, and of course Saucy Santana was on top of the list because he’s funny. He is like a margarita. He is a walking margarita,” she explained. “They were like, ‘We should have a product placement. How about Casamigos?’ What I didn’t realize is that one of the owners of Casamigos is the husband of Cindy Crawford. You can’t tell me this ain’t the song of the summer. When Cindy Crawford shows up, it’s the song of the summer.”

After the track started gaining traction, Angel enlisted Flo Milli, Sexyy Red, FendiDa Rappa for the Ladies Remix of the track, released on Aug. 10.

“Flo Milli I was already a huge fan of, so she was one of the first to jump onto the track. No, Sexyy Red, her star is going so fast, so I wouldn’t have thought she had time for anybody’s ‘One Margarita’ but she got that verse in so quick,” Angel recalled. “FendiDa Rappa, we’re actually labelmates and I’m learning more about her as an artist and she just…she slid on the track so good.”

Following the success of the track, That Chick Angel (real name Angel Tanksley) was signed to Azoff Company label Giant Music.

Watch her Billboard News interview in the video above and the Saucy Santana remix video below.

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