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Mexican pop group RBD talks with Billboard Latin Chief Content Officer Leila Cobo about why they’ve decided now is the right time for them to reunite, reflect on their past and how they’ve grown, and what they’ve learned since they’ve been away.

Maite Perroni:
What’s different is that before, we met as the result of an audition, and this time it’s by choice.

Leila Cobo:
Welcome, RBD!

Actually, are you nervous, a little bit?

Dulce María:

We have gone through all the emotions. We have, since we started rehearsals, I think when we started rehearsals we went through the part where we said: “Oh no … I don’t think we can dance and sing at the same time.” We stopped doing it so long ago that it was complicated at the beginning, and the truth is that we each have completely different personalities. So this time we are doing it on our terms, based on things we like, which has also been more complicated because obviously for all of us to agree with each other has been complicated but I think it’s good because it is a beautiful way to return to this project that gave us all so much but from the maturity and well … “maturity” in what we try to be mature, but with much more life experience and more awareness of what we want to show the public and how we want to do it.

Leila Cobo:
Now, many people who are going to see you now saw you in RBD Part One. What is different this time, specifically, if you can give me an example?

On stage, the creative part is obviously an upgrade in all areas, as you said in the visuals, in all the creative parts that we all added to this new tour, the songs as well, we were part of the compositions.

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