NMIXX Reflects on Baby Being Placed Onstage During Concert: ‘It Looked So Dangerous’

NMIXX traveled stateside once more to perform at this year’s KCON LA, which took place at Arena in Los Angeles on Aug. 18-20. Backstage at the festivities, the girl group — which consists of members Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo and Kyujin — caught up with Billboard News to talk about the event, as well as a recent viral incident during which a fan placed a baby onstage during their Seattle showcase concert.

“It looked so dangerous, so I gave the baby back to its mom,” Kyujin recalled of the May incident. Lily elaborated and said that the girls “never had that happen before. It was quite surprising, so we were kinda just likem ‘What should we do?’ But I think Kyujin handled it well.”

NMIXX’s KCON appearance marked their second time performing at the event. “Originally, we went to KCON for the first time last year, and also recently we went to L.A. for our showcase tour and so this is our third time in L.A.,” Lily said on behalf of Jiwoo, who spoke in Korean. “She said that she’s very happy.”

Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly noted how unique it is that NMIXX sings in their filmed dance practices. While it isn’t commonplace, Lily stated there’s a reason for that. “On stage, we’re always with our mics, we always sing live, so I think it’s important for us to also sing offstage just even if we’re practicing dance to do the vocals as well. That way, we can actually do better on stage,” she explained.

As for what’s next for NMIXX, the girls feel the only way they can go is up. “I can feel we’re growing, so I’m looking forward to our future!” Kyujin said.

Watch Billboard‘s full interview with NMIXX in the video above.

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