Netflix Premieres New Music Produced by Tainy for Upcoming ‘Neon’ Series

In Netflix’s upcoming fictional series Neon, Tyler Dean Flores plays Santi, a wanna be reggaetón artist who moves from a small Florida town to Miami to get a record deal and become a star.

It’s a rags-to-hopefully-riches story, but with a reggaetón twist. Santi heads to Miami with his two best friends, who also happen to be his “manager” and social media and marketing director, and who are as clueless as he is, but also have the guts to shamelessly power along.

The series, which debuts Oct. 19, has a star-studded roster of behind-the-scenes players, including Daddy Yankee, who is credited as executive producer, and the SB Projects team of Scooter Braun.

As for the music, Santi’s big calling card is his song “Exagerao,” which, viewers find out, he uploaded to YouTube and has become a bit of a hit, big enough to be recognized by fans in local nightclubs and even a couple of promoters and record execs.

”Exagerao” was produced in the real world by hitmaker Tainy, who is one of the executive music producers for the show, along with Lex Borrero and Ivan Rodriguez from Ntertain and Neon16.

“Exagerao,” said Tainy in a statement, is perfect for a U.S. born Latin like Santi “because it’s not just a reggaeton song, but it comes from his perspective. Yes, the production bangs and feels like a club song, but it also connects with the character culturally. The slang, the delivery, his lover-boy persona, even the choices on his pronunciation being more like a second-generation Latino in the U.S. In subtle ways every line tells you about Santi.”

While the fabled  “Exagerao” video the show’s characters talk about so much is yet to come, Billboard got a sneak peek of “Exagerao” the song, which hits streaming services today (Aug. 31).

Santi’s vocals are courtesy of Neon 16 up and coming artist RMAND, who lends his voice to the character’s three songs in the series.

Check out “Exagerao” below:

Netflix will premiere Neon during Latin Music Week, which takes place Oct. 2-6 in Miami. To register, click here.

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