Jon Batiste Reveals His Favorite New Orleans Slang | Billboard

Jon Batiste reveals his favorite New Orleans slang to Billboard.

Jon Batiste:
Hello, it’s Jon Batiste and this is my Favorite Slang from New Orleans.

“Wuzham, wodie?” “Wuzham?” is “What’s happening?” Was happening … wuz happenin … wuzham. You see the progression? Wuzham. Wuzham, wod.

Another one you might hear me say is, “Where y’at?” “Where are you at?” It’s, like, philosophical too. It’s like, “Where you at?” Like, not just “Where are you?” But just, like, “Where y’at?”

Ohhhh, this is like, it’s not really slang, but people say “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” People say it in New Orleans sometimes. Means “Let the good times roll.”

That is some of my favorite New Orleans favorite slang. Favorite ever!

Watch the full video above!

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