Iggy Azalea Says She Had to Cut Show in Saudi Arabia Short After Serious Wardrobe Malfunction

Iggy Azalea had to cut short her headlining set in Saudi Arabia on Friday night at the Gamers8 e-sports event after suffering a wardrobe malfunction. According to People, in a since-deleted X post, the “Money Come” rapper said that local authorities told her she could not finish her show after her pants split mid-performance.

“Saudi Arabia please know to everyone at the show tonight… I LOVE YOU,” the “Fancy” rapper wrote. “And I’m soooooo sorry I wasn’t allowed to finish my show. It’s not the promoter who put on the show’s fault so show them kindness because they are amazing people and we all wanted to continue but were not allowed by authorities because of my pants splitting.”

In a follow-up, Azalea responded to a fan’s question about why she wasn’t allowed to just change pants by explaining that she did change her bottoms, but then accompanied that with an onstage comment that allegedly “sent authorities over the edge.”

The statement in question, Azalea said, was her imploring, “‘Ladies, make some noise, it’s a woman’s world.’” The rapper assured her fans she was fine either way. “I’m cool I just didn’t want the fans to be sad or angry at the show organizers cause it wasn’t their control or mine it was the police at the side of stage,” she added. According to People, Azalea also briefly shared a clip of the pants splitting on Instagram and an image of the ripped pants.

A video posted by a fan appeared to show the incident, in which Azalea knelt down on the stage on her knees in black vinyl leggings, with the left leg appearing to split from mid-shin to her upper groin. Saudi Arabia’s immigration website states that the official dress code for women in the predominantly Muslim country calls for them to “cover as much flesh as possible to avoid drawing unwelcome attention.” The Visit Saudi Arabia site adds that tourists are not expected to wear the same attire as locals, or to cover up to the same extent, “but it’s highly recommended that you dress modestly.”

The performance came right after Iggy dropped her new single, “Money Come,” which was accompanied by a video in which Azalea and her female cohorts stage a hostile takeover of an office, blasting the male corporate structure and making the men in office mud wrestle for her entertainment.

See one of the tweets below.

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